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Jay Condon

About Jay Condon:

Jay Condon, singing with a band

Contrary to popular belief, Jay was not raised by wolves. However he did grow up in the forests of Washington State. Across the Puget Sound from Seattle lies the Kitsap Peninsula. Ferries link this region to the more urban areas.

Jay grew up in a town called Olalla. It was a sparsely populated region between two port towns. Roads cut through the tall firs and long driveways hid modest homes. There were no property lines for a kid who liked to explore. There were few reminders to pull him back to reality once the imagination took off.

As life presented its challenges, he found himself moving from home to home until he was on his own. "It was then, I discovered a very real world that existed in the subcultures of our community. In retrospect, it was an experience I can now find value in."

Scurrying through the shadows of society was short lived and with luck Jay got out. At nineteen he joined the army. He spent one year in training, one in Korea and two more jumping from planes at Ft Bragg. "I learned a lot from being around people outside Washington State. Each had their strengths and weaknesses." Wherever Jay was placed, he traveled and learned.

"One of my biggest influences was my first sergeant at Ft. Bragg. James Jordan Jr. taught me how to go through life with determination. He led our company with fire and to this day, sharing his drive has paid dividends for me. … And yes he was a lot shorter than his little brother Michael Jordan."

When he got out of the army, Jay started a long career in communications. He married his lovely wife, Jennifer and they rear three kids back in the town where he grew up. "My trials of life have returned me to Olalla, a place that allows someone to breath in the forest.

"Of course the flip side is, I take a ferry every day to Seattle where I run around the streets working on coax and fiber all day. I contrast my rural living with the intensity of the downtown chaos."

In the middle of this environmental shifting, Jay found time to write. The drive that he learned from James Jordan propelled him to make the most of his time. The hour-long ferry trips to and from the city gave Jay an opportunity to put pen to paper. He wrote Santerra in one year with a pen and a note pad. He wrote the prelude last and ended up writing Evolution Crystal. "I juggle three to four projects at a time between the frantic pace of work and raising children. When I write, it is like I am escaping for brief moments to another world, returning to the forests of my childhood.

"Thank you for reading my work. My intention is to challenge the assumed and present the improbable as a realistic possibility."

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Books by Jay Condon

The Seed of Salys Kon a fantasy/science fiction eBook by Jay Condon

Evolution Crystal, Book 1: The Seed of Salys Kon

150,000 years ago an evolution crystal was sent to Earth by Taruun to develop one species above all others. It has released its elements into the chosen creatures, thereby diluting itself over tens of thousands of years.

Solcom Global’s space explorer has a collision on its way to Jupiter and unwittingly brings home a different evolution crystal which threatens Taruun’s harvest and his prophecy. Its only purpose is to evolve and colonize.

Nen, a warrior of the Shogii discipline, must enter a world that has been unseen by his eyes and that of the chosen species. He is to protect the artifact known as the ophanim.

70,800 words, roughly equivalent to 266 pages in a mass market paperback.

Rated PG-13


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