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Who are We?

AKW Books, an imprint of Kalar/Wade Media, is an independent electronic book (eBook) publisher of novels and pamphlets written by truly talented storytellers and non-fiction works by equally talented experts in various fields.

Not a vanity press. AKW is a legitimate book publishing company. All our books are carefully edited by our staff before being published and distributed.

One of our founders, after six years in the book publishing industry, felt that there is a lack of respect for talented authors who are not well known or who don't fit the mold of the current 'popular' authors.  We hope to change that situation to make their efforts available to all.

AKW Books has the same high standards as the mainstream presses, except we can afford to "take a chance" on unknown authors and unusual projects as long as the writing is top notch.

No Porn or Erotica

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