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How Your Book Gets from Your Brain into Final Form

Write your book

  • Create the best work you can.
  • Get as much help as possible.  A writer's workshop is a great place to start.
  • If you're not sure what it takes to create a good "read", you may not be ready. Read the blog series How to Write a Salable Book or Novel. There are a lot of other good articles on our blog site that can help you to improve your writing and market the results.
  • Create a manuscript that reflects proper English usage (grammar, spelling, and punctuation), with the possible exception of dialog. We don't have time to babysit manuscripts that are full of errors. Turn on your word processor's spell checker and the grammar checker if it has one. Pay attention to the warnings. Look for properly spelled words that are still wrong ("to" instead of "too" for instance).
  • Polish (edit) it until it shines. Some of the top pros in the business rewrite their mss as often as 20 times. Good writing is hard work.
  • Remember, the first 1000 or so words will sell or kill your book.  Make them count.

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Read our Agreement

THIS IS IMPORTANT. When you submit your manuscript for publication, you will automatically agree to the terms of the agreement under the "partial delivery" provisions of U.S. contract laws in the Uniform Commercial Code which the state of Washington has adopted.  No signature is necessary if there is partial delivery.  So, UNDERSTAND THE AGREEMENT BEFORE YOU GO ANY FURTHER.

There are notes after the actual agreement that may help you to understand some of the terms and the "why" behind them.

When in doubt, always consult a reliable attorney.

By the way, the artwork, including the cover, are your responsibility. That's one of the reasons we can afford to pay you a 50% royalty.

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Send an inquiry to us

E-mail a query letter describing your project.  If your work includes graphic sex, be sure to convince us that it's not pornography or erotica. If it even smells like kiddie porn, you'll get rejected. Don't argue about our policy.   Keep it short. Our contact form mashes everything together into one paragraph, no matter how many blank lines you try to put in.

Use this form: CLICK HERE.

If we are interested in your project, we'll send you a special email address for authors to use for all future correspondence along with submission instructions for a sample of the project.

If we like your submission, we'll contact you with instructions on sending in the rest of the book.

Don't do anything else until we approve your book unless you intend to spend the time/effort even if it's rejected.

If we approve the entire book we'll ask you to do something like the following:

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Get your artwork together

  • Talk to us about cover art.  A poor cover can kill sales in some genre's. Definitely talk to us about the cover before you spend any time or money on one of your own. Don't write on it. We prefer to add cover text (title, author, etc.).
  • If you need advice, we'll be happy to help to save you wasted effort and money.
  • Assemble internal graphics such as pictures and drawings. This is strictly your responsibility.
  • Convert all artwork to digital format using our graphics guidelines.

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Convert your book to "final" format

Follow our Preparation Guidelines

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Submit your book

  • Tell us which categories in which you think your book should be listed.
  • Read our rating chart and tell us as honestly as you can, what rating your book should have.  Please be conservative.  We're both better off avoiding the slings and arrows of outraged parents.

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Our editors will check your manuscript for completeness, grammar, techniques, and spot check it for compliance with our requirements. We may suggest changes to scenes, order of presentation, but we will not rewrite it for you. Your book will go through three edits: story edit, copy edit (spelling & grammar), and production edit (reformatting).

We will convert your work into several formats for various e-readers and store them in our catalog as "variations".

We will include your book and cover art in our catalog and create a page devoted to your book. We will also market your book through other outlets.

Remember our comment about your first 1000 words?  Well, here's where your work pays off.  We will create a sample with the first 20% of your book for customers to review before purchasing your book, and link to it from your "product" page.

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AKW will list your book and do some marketing.  You should also do several things. For the full story, click here.

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You will need a PayPal account if you wish to be paid royalties on a quarterly basis.

Every quarter (not necessarily on the first day or week), we will send you a statement of sales and earnings to your email address of record.

If we owe you more than $5.00 (USD), we will make a deposit into your PayPal account, if you have given us your PayPal email address.

If you don't have a PayPal account and live in the United States, we will review your account quarterly (every three months) and send a check to your address of record if we owe you more than $10.00 (USD). If you live outside of the U.S.A., we'll send a check if we owe you more than $25.00 (USD).

Of course, if we part ways, we'll settle up any outstanding funds due you when we next update our accounts.

All payments will be in United States currency via PayPal or check.

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